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Wine is not only a health benefit but is associated with  romantic dinners and is a popular social event with wine tasting events.
Studies show drinking red wine in moderation may help protect your heart. If you or someone you know enjoy having a glass of wine with their evening meal, enjoy wine and cheese in the afternoon, like to entertain guests in their home with a good bottle of wine or just sit and relax watching a sunset while drinking wine then why not showcase that red or white wine in an engraved wine glass. 
Personalized engraved wine glasses are great gifts for a wine lover. They make a good birthday gift, retirement gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift, house warming gift,  business gift,
thank you gift and more.
There are different types of wine glasses. Wine glasses are usually made out of glass or crystal.  Red wine glasses are best served in large wine glasses allowing the wine drinker to enjoy the aroma of the red wine. 

Engraved Wine Glass Sets
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The white wine glasses are more U shaped and are taller than the red wine glasses.
A sparkling wine glass or a champagne flute will be tall and narrow to retain the flavor.
Rose wines are usually served in stemmed wine glasses or a white wine glass. If you would like stemless wine glasses for your favorite wine they have a more modern look and are less likely to break but your wine may warm quicker than they would if you poured the wine in a stemmed wine glass.

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Luigi Bormioli Engraved Wine Glass Set

Personalized Wine Glass Set
Engraved Wine Glasses
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Unique Wine Gift:
Tipsy Wine Glass Set
with bent stems
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Wine glasses can be engraved with a single initial, monogram initials or custom engraved with a name. Engraving wine glasses make a personalized gift that the recepient will enjoy using on a special day such as valentine's day or a special occasion to toast a retirement or a wedding day or anniversary.  Custom wine glasses are a unique gift for a wine lover, to give as a gift for a boss, a christmas gift idea ....
You can buy a single wine glass, a set of 2 for a couple or a set of 4 which is nice when dining or celebrating with your friends or family.
A funny wine gift is the huge oversized wine glass.  Along with engraving the name the wine glass  has wine quotes such as wine o'clock, mom of the year, sip happens, more wine, just enough for me and you, the family name, winery, cellar, established year or you can write your own funny wine quote. Jumbo size wine glasses are fun wine gifts for the bridesmaids and bridal party. The big oversized wine glass is large enough to hold an entire bottle of wine.
A unique wine glass are the heart shaped goblets when apart they are two separate glasses but when standing together the stems and base create a heart motif.  Chalk It Up wine glasses are engraved and comes with a chalkboard base where you can write a message to your guests.
A nice wine gift is the 8 piece personalized wine service set for serving wine and cheese. It has 6 wine glasses, a glass plater laser engraved and a cheese knife.
A fun wine gift are the tipsy wine glasses. These wine goblets have a slightly bent stem so they will be a little tipsy like your guests after a few glasses of wine.  You can buy engraved stemless tipsy glasses also in a set of 4. The tipsy wine collection includes clever designs with a bee and the phrase buzzed, a light bulb and the word lit, a flame with the word toasted and pieces of fruit and the word juiced.
Other popular wine gifts are a hand painted wine glass with whimsical designs. Examples are a dog with fetch me my wine and sit, stay drink. Other wine glassware has sip, swirl and shop, wine day and more. It you are looking for a very pretty wine glass you will like the hand-painted two tone bulb wine glasses with and without stems. A one of a kind custom hand painted bridal party wine glass with the groomsmen and bridesmaid face painted on the glass.
You will also find a very nice selection of wedding toasting flutes, anniversary flutes, shot glasses, sports mugs, football shaped tumblers, pint glasses, drinking glasses, champagne flutes, island shooter glasses, glass mugs, balloon wine glasses, cosmopolitan cocktail glasses, hand blown wine glasses in red, blue or green and balloon wine glasses  that all can be personalized and engraved to your liking.
Here are some of the wine glass products available for sale with free shipping or discount or clearance prices.
Luigi Bormioli Engraved Wine Glass Set with Initials
Engraved Monogram Stemless Wine Glass Set by Luigi
Eiffel Tower Wine Glasses
Galway Irish Crystal Longford
Elina Wine Goblets
Aerating Wine Glasses
Splash Wine Glasses
Threestar Multicolor Hand Painted Italian Wine Shot Glasses in a set of 6
Antique English Wine Glasses
Italian Hand Painted 14k Gold Rim Multi Color Wine Glasses
Tamale Hand Painted Glasses
Mr & Mrs Flute Set
Reed & Barton Crystal Flute Set for Toasting
Champagne Flute Wedding Favors for Party Guests


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